We supply all types of worktops including quality laminates, timber, solid surface, granite and quartz. Remember you can request a quotation for different types of worktop with your kitchen, for instance, if you are curious how much a granite top may be compared to a laminate top just ask us to price both options.

More information on worktops…

Laminate worktops: We can supply a wide range of high quality laminate worktops including Duropal, Axiom, Egger, Bushboard, Prima. Omega / Odyssey and others, all of which are renown in the kitchen industry for their quality products. If you have a different specific worktop you would like just let us know as we deal with most of the major manufacturers. Links for the Duropal and Axiom web sites can be found below. You can order samples of worktops through both of these sites and they will forward samples directly to you.



Solid wood tops: Popular timber worktops include oak, walnut, beech and maple, just let us know your preferences. We recommend a minimum of 40mm thickness for timber wortops as the thinner tops may warp in a kitchen environment.

Solid surface worktops: There are a wide variety of proprietary brands available and we supply most of the major brands, if you have a preference please let us know.

Granite and quartz: All ranges of granite and quartz are available, please specify any preference, samples can be arranged or alternatively you can view the whole slabs at a local wholesalers. These materials require a specialist installation and are not generally suitable for DIY, consequently our granite and quartz prices always include making templates, all cutting, polishing and installation. We use local installers and coordinate the fitting so your kitchen is completed as quickly as possible.