Sinks & Taps

There are a wide variety of sinks and taps available in a variety of materials and styles, We aren’t going to limit your choice here as we supply most brands, the only limits are set by your own preferences. Let us know the style of sink and tap you are after and we will be happy to quote and supply them at the best possible price along with your new kitchen.

Popular materials are stainless steel, composite and ceramic.

Stainless steel sinks are eternally popular as they are very durable and combine well with stainless steel appliances. They are available in many configurations although a decent sized single bowl, often combined with a half size bowl are the most popular. These usually incorporate a draining board.

Composite sinks are made from a resin based material, often including crushed stone such as granite or quartz to give them high resistance to heat and general wear and tear.

Ceramic sinks can be configured as stainless steel or composite but are also available in the ‘Belfast’ style, with the front edge of the sink exposed.

If you are having granite, solid surface or timber worktops you can install an under-mount sink which fits beneath the worktop so you can wipe directly into the sink as there is a seamless finish. These are available in all materials and in a variety of configurations.

Taps are many and varied in style and finish. There are also filtered taps and boiling taps which provide a constant supply of hot water so there is no waiting for the kettle to boil. Let us know your requirements and we will do the rest.

We constantly check the internet prices and usually at least match these prices for sinks and taps to save you the trouble of sourcing products from multiple suppliers.