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Your new kitchen is a major purchase and it is important to ensure that you are buying a high quality product. Many brand name suppliers are offering sub-standard products at over inflated prices.

You need to…

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Our Cabinets

  • All of our cabinets are made to order. This means that there are no unnecessary holes in the cabinet sides, each cabinet is ‘handed’ for each individual door hanging.
  • All of our cabinets are 18mm thickness, including the cabinet backs on both base and wall unit cabinets. (Many manufacturers use 8mm or hardboard back’s which can be pushed off when the cabinets are used).
  • All of our cabinets have PVC edging to prevent chipping to all exposed edges.
  • All of our cabinets are colour matched to your door selection, or if you wish you can select a contrast finish of your choice from over a hundred different finishes.
  • All of our base cabinets have 150 mm fully adjustable legs.
  • All of our wall cabinets have fully adjustable wall hanging.
  • Standard height wall units have two adjustable shelves as standard.
  • 55 mm Service gap on base units.
  • Can be made to any size.

Our Drawers and Hinges

  • We only use Blum hardware for all of our hinges,drawers and lift systems.
  • Manufactured in Germany, Blum products are of a quality that other manufacturers aspire to. All Blum products carry a worldwide lifetime guarantee.
  • Blumotion Tandem drawerboxes are fitted as standard to all our kitchens. These are fully extending meaning that you have open access to the whole drawer and have the premier soft close system, giving an ultra-smooth operation on both opening and closing.
  • See this video to compare the fantastic quality and benefits of the Blumotion Tandem system compared to the basic drawer. 
  • The Blum hinges incorporate integrated soft close which avoids damage to the door or cabinet and makes even heavy handed closing virtually silent.
  • Blum ‘Tip on’ handle-less opening and Blum Legra box systems available on request.

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